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My Location Service (MyLo)

Welcome to the 'My Location' or 'MyLo' Service. Please enter your address below to discover information on services local to you with My House and My Nearest. You can also view the location of services across the borough using My Maps or by finding another address.

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Introducing My Location Service

If you're new to My Location Service, here's a few of the basics you need to know:

  1. There are three tabs, 'My House', 'My Nearest' and 'My Maps'. Each tab contains or shows information on services local to you in a slightly different way.
  2. 'My House' shows information specific to your address, such as your local councillors or a link to your next bin collection dates.
  3. 'My Nearest' gives you details of the nearest services to your address such as your nearest doctor.
  4. 'My Maps' allows you to view on a map the location of services and other things of interest. Clicking on a 'Show on map' link from any of the other tabs will also take you to the 'My Maps' tab.
  5. To get started using the service, simply enter your address or postcode, e.g. 'Wesley House, Corporation Street' or 'WA10 1HF' and select your address from the drop-down list.

And remember, to view a new address just press the 'Find' button or to get back to this introduction, press the 'Reset' button.

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